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The Art of Hand Lettering

Hand lettering is something I’ve been passionate about for a long time now. Recently, its become a whole new art form in itself, with “hand letterer” becoming a new career option for artists. Last May 24, I attended a workshop by one of my idols, Abbey Sy.

Commonly known as “ABC” (a play on her name), Abbey is a freelance hand letterer and the creative force behind her blog, Artistic Dreams/Le Rêveur. The workshop taught the basics of hand lettering and some great tips and advice for aspiring creatives.


The workshop took place at the Fully Booked Forum Room.

The workshop focused on the basics of simple hand lettering and differentiating it from calligraphy and typography. We also learned some of the different font styles that we can incorporate into our work.


“The goal of hand lettering is to turn letters into visual art.”

An excerpt from the workshop guidebook provided by Abbey 

A starter kit was also provided by Abbey so we could practice our new skills and techniques. Included was a lettering pad and notebook by her brand, a guidebook, fineliners, a Letraset Neon marker and PageOne notebook (both provided by Fully Booked).


The lettering starter kit (and a small note from Abbey herself)


A peek inside Abbey’s practice notebook


Practicing the 4 main font styles (Serif, Sans Serif, Script and Decorative)

I’d definitely recommend this workshop not just for lettering enthusiasts, but for people wanting to learn a new skill or hobby. The workshop is aimed for beginners, and Abbey does a great job of explaining her techniques and her helpful tips on becoming an artist. Thanks for the fun day Abbey!


P.S. I couldn’t leave the workshop without getting a picture with her, so here it is! (The film used isn’t actually film, it’s from a roll of washi tape she designed for craft shop Hey Kessy.)



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Twitter: @abbeysy

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