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Sunkissed Summer

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Hello, summer!

Summer is a great time to unwind from the stress that school gave over the past few months, but I have to admit, the break can get pretty boring. Seeing as I have 5 months of summer ahead, I thought, “What could possibly make summer worthwhile?”

To start off my summer posts on here, I decided to do the Sunkissed Summer Tag by itsmelixie1 on Youtube! Let’s go!

1. When did/do you get out of school?

Like I mentioned in my last blog post, I graduated from high school last March 31! I’m entering college soon, which means 5 month summer! (what am I gonna do for 5 months phew)

2. Beaches or Pools?

I LOVE the beach! It feels so fresh and free when I go. I don’t go often (I actually haven’t been in so long), but I’d love to visit the beach this summer!

3. Are you going on any summer vacations? If not, what’s your dream summer vacation?

Yes I am! It’s not a summer for me without traveling. As we speak, I’m leaving for Hong Kong on the 13th for my birthday, and we’re planning to head to Kuala Lumpur and (maybe) San Francisco later in the year. (I’m still crossing my fingers that I get to visit South Korea too, hehe)

4. S’mores or Ice Cream?

ICE CREAM. I’m obsessed with ice cream! I love trying new flavors all the time! Currently, my favorite flavor is the Honey Lavender ice cream from Carousel Creamery. For a more classic flavor, I always go with strawberry and top it with hot fudge.

5. What’s your most fun summer memory?

My birthday is in April, so every summer to me is memorable because of that. But my favorite summer memory is going to Walt Disney World in 2008 for my 9th birthday. It was surreal.

6. Does your skin tan or burn?

Depends. I never get sunburns because I always pile on the sunblock when summer arrives, but I do get significantly darker sometimes. Not VERY dark, though.

7. How do you wear your hair in the summer? (down, ponytail, ombre, dip dye, etc.)

This summer, I’m planning to cut it shorter! My hair is up to my shoulders at the moment, but I’ll go shorter soon. Stay tuned 😉

8. Favorite summer nail polish?

Bikini So Teeny or Mint Candy Apple. Both by Essie ❤

9. Would you rather spend a summer day outside in the pool or inside watching Netflix?

Again, it depends on my mood. I’m almost always itching to go outside and do something, but there are those days when you just wanna stay inside and watch stuff. At the moment, I’ve been binge-watching Korean dramas. Currently, I’m on episode 8 of W: Two Worlds. (highly recommended. I might do a post on K-dramas when I’ve watched enough!)

10. Sunglasses or hats?

Sunglasses! I can’t live without my Bianca sunnies from Sunnies Studios.

11. What is YOUR song of the summer?

For this summer, I think it’ll have to be 장난 아닌데 (I’m Serious) by the K-rock group DAY6. It’s such a summer bop! Watch it here, you won’t regret it. 🙂

12. Do you have a summer bucket list? If so, share some things on the list.

For this summer, there’s a lot I wanna do.

  • Learn how to drive.
  • Travel somewhere here in the Philippines.
  • Go on a trip with my best friend/s.
  • Watch concerts! (I just saw Coldplay last April 4. AMAZING.)
  • Go on random dates with my friends.
  • Meet new friends!
  • Learn a language.
  • Travel in general!
  • Take a summer class/workshop.
  • Work on my art.
  • Watch more movies and TV shows. Or K-dramas.

13. Bikinis, Tankinis, or One Pieces?

My current swimsuit is a tankini, and I love it. It makes wearing a two piece easier, especially if you’re body conscious.

14. Must have summer makeup product?


My highlighter! The sun’s out, so I take advantage of the light and pop on some highlighter before I leave. Right now, I’ve been loving the Milani Illuminating Face Powder.

15. What’s your favorite thing about summer?

I think my most favorite thing about the summer is the freedom. You have all the time in the world to do things you probably didn’t have time for during the school year, and you control your schedule. Summer is the perfect time to try that thing you’ve been wanting to try! Summer’s what you make of it, and I believe the break should be used to make memories.

So there’s a little list of the things I love about summer and a sneak peek of my plans for this year. I’m tagging anyone who’d wanna do this tag as well!

What do you love about the summer time? I’d love to know in the comments below. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the season!



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