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The Musings of a Now Eighteen Year Old

To me, every birthday feels the same, but in this case, something about it seemed so new to me. It felt like, “Wow, I’m actually 18. I’m of legal age now! Who knows what could happen?”


Last April 15, 2017, I turned eighteen!

* * *

To me, every birthday feels the same, but in this case, something about it seemed so new to me. It felt like, “Wow, I’m actually 18. I’m of legal age now! Who knows what could happen?”

I always try to make each of my birthdays somewhat different from the last. My day usually consists of going to Mass, eating breakfast with my family, lunch with my best friends, and then dinner with the rest of my family. This year, I spent my birthday in Hong Kong!

Among all the places I’ve visited internationally, Hong Kong’s the one I visit most frequently. However, it was my first time to spend a birthday there this year, which made the trip extra special.

Given that I’ve been thinking a lot in the 2 and a half days I’ve been 18, here’s a list of my current musings on being eighteen.

* * *


(1) About my debut, on top of everything. At the moment, it’s in a little over a week, and honestly, I don’t know what to expect. My family seems to be really excited, which is great.

(2) About college. The thought’s been tucked away in the back of my brain until I graduated, and now it’s the one thing I can’t seem to stop thinking about.

(3) About my friends. I miss my friends so, so, much, and I want to make this summer one where we get to bond lots.


(4) Water. Yes, water. In this heat, water is your best friend.

(5) My current mood. I’m in the best mood I’ve been in ages, so that’s great.

(6) The CW’s Riverdale series. Currently binge watching it and I’m on episode 6. It’s so good! Thanks to my friend Dyl and my cousin Gaby for recommending it to me!

(7) All the makeup I got from Hong Kong. I don’t know if you guys know this, but I’ve gotten really into makeup this past year. Affordable drugstore brands from Sasa and Colourmix are my current go-to’s.


(8) For another adventure. Locally, I want to head to a beach ASAP. Internationally, South Korea, please!

(9) My debut goes well. So much planning went into this, and I have no doubt it’ll go well and as planned. I just really hope my friends and family enjoy the night.

(10) My best friends are all happy and doing well. Not having school and not seeing my lovely friends everyday makes it hard for me to check up on them. I’m that kind of person that wants to make sure everyone’s okay, and I hope they all are. On top of that, I hope they’re all having the greatest summer!


(11) More iced tea! I gave up iced tea for Lent, so I’ve been deprived of it for 40 days + Holy Week. I’ve had one glass already, I need more!

(12) More new books to read. I really want to get back into reading this summer. If you have book recommendations, help me out!

(13) To take more risks this summer (and the rest of my life). It’s getting tiring playing it safe. I hope I can become somewhat braver.


(14) I could get a haircut already. I have to wait ’till May. Counting the days.


(15) Full. My heart feels so full after my Hong Kong trip. I haven’t been in the best mood lately (not necessarily in a /bad/ mood, but not the best), but the trip seemed to lift my spirits, which feels great.

(16) Overwhelmed. I’ve received so much love over the past week, and I feel overwhelmed knowing so many people love, care for, and support me. (You all know who you are, I love you!)

(17) Grateful. It’s times like these where I think to myself, “How’d I get so lucky”?

(18) Excited. It’s gonna be a whirlwind of a year.

* * *

Photos by Amilon Ignacio



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